17. Oktober 2020 - 10:00
to be confirmed, Wien
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Dancing with the Healing Spirits | Samstag, 17. Oktober 2020

Info & Registration: https://www.roelcrabbe.com/workshops/dancing-with-the-healing-spirits-power-animals-bear-medicine/

Working with the Healing Spirits is at the very core of the shamanic practice. The relationship with power animals is fundamental in the practice of shamanic work: they bring power and wisdom to the shamanic practitioner and are our allies and guides in the spiritworld. They are the healers, counselors, and mediums for greater wisdom and blessing.

During this advanced shamanic training, you will be guided in deepening your connection with your own power animals. You will learn how to work with the different stages of power and step into the healing potential of our ancient connection with the spirit-realm. Step by step, you will learn to build your journeying skills and healing potential, building on the connection you have made in the Shamanic Journeying training.

The training is open to both beginning as advanced practitioners.


Your power animals are your teachers, your guides and your allies in the work of healing. Through ceremony you will learn to deepen your sacred bond and learn to receive the messages from the spirits.

Through working with your power animal, you will learn how to deepen the shamanic journey and build a powerful connection that will only continue when you practice.


Bear is one of the most ancient allies of the shaman. It’s healing power is renowned all over the world and still to this day, Bear Medicine runs strong in both traditional and contemporary shamanism.

Coming from over 20 years of working with Bear Medicine, Roel will guide you to connect to Bear-Medicine and it’s great healing potential. As a group, we will work together with Bear and embrace it’s strong power and wisdom.

Dancing with the Healing Spirits is a deep journey into your personal connection with your Power animals and Bear Medicine.

This workshop is for people who want to deepen shamanic healing work and their relationship with the spirit helpers. From this deeper connection you will then work with methods for healing and guidance, both for your personal transformation and in working with healing for others.