19. Juli 2019 - 12:30 bis 13:30
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3 Myths of Investing in Foreign Markets: Are you Guilty of Home Country Bias? | Phillip Investor Centre - Jurong West | Freitag, 19. Juli 2019

Topic:                    3 Myths of Foreign Market Investing – Are You Guilty of Home Country Bias?
Speaker:               Mr. Allan Tan – Senior Dealer, Global Markets Desk, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
Date:                     19 July 2019, Fri
Time:                     12.30pm – 1.30pm
Venue:                  Phillip Investor Centre, Jurong West
Are you guilty of one of the most common investment bias that most investors ****? Are you straitjacketing your portfolio returns by limiting yourself to only home market investing? Are you guilty of home country bias?

For many people, there’s no place like home. It’s familiar and comfortable. It might even feel really secure. However, limiting yourself to only home market investing for your portfolio would mean taking on a lot more risk than you might realise. From a portfolio diversification perspective, it is really like juggling a live dynamite.
So what exactly is home country bias and how is it risky?
Join us and learn more about what this bias is all about and the 3 myths of foreign market investing. This seminar will show you how you can overcome this bias and will introduce you to ETF and preferred stocks trading in the US, Canada and Europe stock markets.
Also included is the current US market outlook from the trading desk’s perspective and the ETFs that will allow exposure!
Availability for this seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis. For enquiries, please contact us at 6812 1511 or email to jwest@phillip.com.sg.

Speaker’s Profile
Mr. Allan Tan – Senior Dealer, Global Markets Desk, Phillip Securities Pte Ltd
Allan graduated from NTU with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Banking and Finance. He joined Phillip Securities in 2014 as an Equity Dealer in the Global Markets Desks. He specialises in the US and Canada markets and also supports the UK and Europe markets.