23. November 2019 - 18:30 bis 19:30
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Church Concerts Salzburg – Kirchenkonzerte | Dreifaltigkeitskirche | Samstag, 23. November 2019

CHURCH-CONCERT - Musica Sacra Trinitatis Salisburgensis
From April 27th, 2019Every Saturday 6.30pm-7.30pmWeekly concert at the Trinity Church at Makartplatz from April 27th on.The concerts will start at 6.30pm and last for one hour without intermission.The last concert for the season will be on December 14th.
Type of music: classical church music by famous composers - played by organ, in addition to one or two instrumentalists (trumpet, violin) and/or singing. The Trinity Church, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Salzburg built by Fisher von Erlach is ideal for church concerts. Mozart grew up in a house nearby and often practiced on this organ. The Trinity Church holds up to 120 people with phenomental acoustics. It is located in the middle of the "old town" within walking distance to many hotels and therefore is an ideal venue for a classical concert. 
The city of Salzburg is glad to present this high level classical concert, especially for tourists. 
Come and enjoy an hour of culturical entertainment then proceed to the many near by tourist sights, restaurants, or other entertainments. 
Adulds: 25€Seniors: 20€Students: 15€Groups: 18€ (10+ mebers)Children under 14-years are free (accompanied by an *****)
This Week’s Program (16th November):

J.HaydnBenedictus – St.Joannis in DeoSoprano – Organ
G.B.PergolesiFac ut portem – Stabat materMezzosoprano - Organ
G.F.HändelO lovely peaceSoprano - Mezzosoprano - Organ
W.A.MozartAgnus Dei – Coronation MassSoprano - Organ
W.A.MozartAdagio in C for glassharmonicaOrgan
G.F.HändelOmbra mai fuMezzosoprano- Organ
V.BelliniAngiol di pace – B.di tendaSoprano - Mezzosoprano - Organ
W.GomezAve MariaMezzosoprano - Organ
W.A.MozartLaudate DominumViolin - Organ
A.L.WebberPie JesuSoprano-Mezzosoprano -Organ
J.S.BachToccata and FugueOrgan