24. Juli 2019 - 15:00 bis 18:00
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How to be a successful Investor in Stock Markets?(FREE) | Wisma Genting | Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2019

In the stock market, knowledge is the new currency. Knowledge itself has immense value, but just like money, it can’t work its magic if you keep it in your pocket. It is only when you take your wallet out of your pocket and act upon the knowledge that you release the value of that currency. Your actions in the market are what will ultimately fulfill your goals and dreams.
Come join us on 24 July 2019 ( Wednesday , from 3pm - 6.00 pm) at Wisma Genting, Kuala Lumpur for the exciting Global Stocks Investing Seminar.
We are here to educate on and share trading and investment concepts. This workshop removes the wrong perceptions you may have related to trading in stocks / commodities markets and also teaches simple investing methods in stocks. If you think markets are complicated, we make this simplified for you.
Reasons Why You Should Investing In Stock Market?

Affordable : Convenient and easily accessible to the general public. Investing in Stock/Share Markets doesn't require huge capital such as properties investment or starting a business and may consume a lot of time into it.

Simple and Easy : Successful and profitable stock investing does not require a lot of time. In fact, it is possible to invest profitably with just a few hours in a month.

Reliable source of income: Opportunity to invest in highly successful and profitable companies that could potentially generate recurring income for you in the form of dividends and capital gains when you sell the stock. Unlike traditional business and real estate, you can still generate income in the stock market even when the economy and the stock market are crashing.